“La Moianesa” produces mainly 100% durum wheat semolina pasta. A good level of protein ensures a high quality pasta.

Many other specialities are also made: whole wheat semolina pasta, whole wheat spelt flour pasta, vegetables pasta, cuttlefish ink pasta,…

The greater part of “La Moianesa” production is organic, certified CCPAE.

Production process

Small-scale production using 200 to 300 Kg./hour machines. This allows to produce pasta on customer choice for the food industry.

Pasta is extruded at low pressure preserving wheat quality and its original properties.

Slow drying process at low temperature brings the best pasta taste after cooking it. All it takes is a drizzle of oil to serve the pasta to enjoy a quality pasta.


Pasta can be packed in 25 Kg., 5 Kg., 1 Kg., 500g. or 250g. bags.